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January 17, 2013 by Micheal Pipkin

computer trainingA CBT course sometimes called courseware may be delivered via a software product installed on a single computer, through a corporate or educational intranet, or over the Internet as Web-based training. Computer training or computer-based training (CBT) is any course of instruction whose primary means of delivery is a computer. People often take advantage of online computer training to learn how to run a particular computer application, such as Microsoft Excel, or to learn a computer programming language, such as Visual Basic. Computer training can be used to teach almost any conceivable subject, but it is especially popular only for computer-related studies.

It appears that learner or employees prefer online computer training because seem not to have to feel embarrassed about their pace or their performance and they might not have to admit that they might not understand something. Trainees might feel more comfortable and less shy doing exercises online. But there is a downside for online computer training, problem that could arise is if the employee does not have access to a computer, making it difficult to engage in computer-based training. On the other hand, trainees of computer training is said to be the greater control over their learning experience, this is also known as employee control. Employee’s control refers to the trainee’s control over the content, sequence and pace of training. Trainees can enter and leave training as they choose and also can progress at their own pace. Based from trainee it might even possible to have control over the various instructional elements of a program such as the sequence of instructional material, the content of instruction and the amount of instruction during training This might help the trainee to be able to work on the tasks as quickly or as slowly as they want.


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